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Offshore software development services

We provide essential Offshore software development services for businesses around the world.
Offshore business model for cost saving purpose.

BPJSoft software services

Offshore software development service

Established in 1995 and based in Tehran, IRAN, We are a reliable partner and a top Offshore software development services company. Our main goal is to provide cutting-edge and cost-effective solution & service to our clients. We have many years of extensive experience and success stories delivering complex, large scale, n-tier application to business and organizations. our business model is win-win model. Our team is highly trained, dedicated and committed. We utilize industry’s standards and best practices in our project. We have established processes and procedures for an efficient and successful project implementation. Our quality of work would surpass client’s expectations.

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Oracle Cloud & Database solutions

Our Key Benefits

Mobile Application Development2

Dedicated offshore business model

Cut down on capital cost & overheads thru our offshore business model

Mobile Application Development2

Extensive cross-domain expertise

Over 800 highly trained, experienced & dedicated experts in IT, Telecom and etc.

Mobile Application Development2

Competitive pricing & cost saving

Our price model and payment options are unbeatable. no overhead cost

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Application and data Security & Privacy is enforced, Established NDA to ensure confidentiality

Client's complete control

Customer engagement thru our Agile process

Mobile Application Development3

Established processes

Utilizing industries standards: PMI, CMM, SFIA, ISO, AGILE

Extensive support

24/7 support, dedicated resources, extensive warranties.

Mobile Application Development3

Innovative solutions & superb services

cutting edge, highly customized solutions and services


Offshore cost effective business model. Hire our resources On-Demand.

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Offshore software development services

For Your Business

We are Full Fledged Offshore software development services company. our services are highly cost effective. Our services includes Software & Web App Development, Infra-structure Services, Mobile App Development, Database services, Cloud Services, Consulting services and Maintenance & Support

offshore software development services

Software Applications

Cross-platform, robust, rich UI/UX and responsive Mobile applications, large scale, customized Web Applications, Enterprise n-tier, scalable, robust Software Applications design and implementation. Customize IT software solutions and services,

offshore software development services

Database Services

Database Performance Review and Tuning, Security, Database Installation, Configuration and Upgrades, High-availability Backup and Recovery

offshore software development services

Infrasstructure Services

A Wide Range of Robust, Reliable & Cost-effective IT Infrastructure Services to Serve Your Business Needs

offshore software development services

Consulting Services

Our consultants have been providing consultancy service for over 16 years. Consulting to cover all aspects from choosing best and most affordable technological solution and business requirements definition, design and development, testing, implementation and support

offshore software development services

Cloud Services

Our Team can help you find the right cloud development solution to enable your company to operate entirely and confidently in the digital space.

offshore software development services

Remote Managed Services

A full set of on-site & off- site service composition. Cost effective Managed services solution with our highly experience team and our effective strategies.

offshore software development services

Billing & Online Charging Solution (OCS)

Comprehensive and uniform charging platform that helps fixed, mobile, and data telecom network carriers to charge voice, data, SMS and MMS in real time

offshore software development services

Digital Service Delivery Platform (DSDP)

An enterprise platform for delivering value-added services (SDP) with the focus on business operations to be able to have real-time communication with their customers using various ports without the need for Internet connection

offshore software development services

Pre-paid subscribers
TOP UP System

Management system to effectively manage prepaid recharge & Data sale through various channels such as WEB, USSD, SMS, IVR. Our system allows brokers to purchase e-credit and Data packages

offshore software development services

Customer relationship Management(CRM)

Design, development, customization, implementation, administration and support of Siebel customer relationship management application. Our implementations are flawless. We Offer Full Spectrum of Implementation Services & Upgrades

Enterprise Survey Software Platform (ESSP)

Our software solution is a suite of integrated features that goes beyond an online survey software and provides organizations with deeper customer insight and accurate picture of how their company is perceived by their customers (both negative & positive). This will help to provide an exceptional customer experience, and build long-term relationships. The system can also be used for data & info collections & analysis purposes for organizations such as receiving proposals, collecting clients/employee’s info in all supported formats, research departments data collections, in medical field patient’s information collection and much more.

Offshore software development Solutions

For Telecom Businesses

We are specialized at providing software solutions to improve clients business operation

Our Solutions are innovative and implemented with world class security and  high quality. Our solutions  architects and system designers are among the best industry’s talent. We utilize latest concepts and technologies.
All of our solution will go through comprehensive testing phase before deployment. our solutions are Well Documented and are Highly Customizable. We provide extensive Support & Warranties


Offshore software development services outsourcing

Working with the right Offshore software development services outsourcing company is necessary for the long-term success of a business. As the IT field is very complex with it’s rapid technological transitions, finding a right partner is becoming more difficult. We are certain that we can support your business with our extensive experience, processes and procedures and our professional staff. We have established processes and we utilize latest technologies, best practices and industry standards. Our employees are dedicated, committed, experience, highly trained and take pride in their work and improve their performance. We constantly improve our practices to optimize our business. here is what we offer: 

BPJSoft software service


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I would recommend BEHPARDAZ JAHAN company for their professionalism, dedication, superb solutions and services and specially their great team. Above and beyond my expectations. five star in my book
Ontsoft Inc. CEO

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