About Behpardaz Jahan

Behpardaz Jahan Company is a reliable partner with extensive 

experience in offshore software development services.

Our Vision


To be a customer centric company which puts customers first and strive to build long term partnership.

Our Values


Adhering to the highest professional standards, putting client customers ahead of the firm’s and ensuring 100% satisfaction.

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About Behpardaz Jahan: Our Company

With 26+ years of experience in IT/Telecommunication,  BEHPARDAZ JAHAN company  provides a full range of IT/Telecom software solutions and services to grow and support business infrastructure around the world. In addition, our comprehensive expertise in the design, development, implementation, support & maintenance and operation of IT and Telecom solutions and services helps us to fully satisfy and support our client’s business and technical requirements.  we offer a wide range of world-class technologies, including Oracle Solutions, Telecom Solutions, and IT products & services. Our team are selected from the best industry talents with extensive hands-on experience. Our professional team is dedicated, highly experienced, certified in their field, with excellent customer service skills. We constantly implement new initiatives, train , build and thrive our team to meet constantly changing technology industry. Empowering our staff, effective teamwork, commitments, collaboration and  recognizing achievements are at top priority to our leadership.

Our Mission


Creating value for our shareholders and to expand our presence on the local, regional and international markets

Our Strategy


To acquire new technologies, utilize better management techniques and increase access to international markets more effectively and efficiently

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Glorious Years
Once again we are pleased to proudly announce that we were able to conclude our year with a proven thriving business and great achievements in terms of financials, mainly due to the hard work done by all of our team members and also implementation of robust business strategies with main concerns regarding economic growth, sustainable development and global market integration. Here at Behpardaz Jahan Company, Our outlook in the coming years is to continue in implementing innovative business strategies hence unlocking our immense business potentials both internally and globally. we plan to continue in developing our infrastructure mainly, invest in innovative technologies and talented people, meet rising long-term demands, increase our presence in global market, compete and thrive in the market in the coming years ahead.
Managing Director

Behpardaz Jahan: Our Company

we are a Reliable partner

With many years of experience delivering successfully large scale projects, we consider our company as a reliable partner which puts clients first. We are transparent and provide comprehensive NDA, Security and privacy strategy.

Behpardaz Jahan: Our Company

Our pricing model is unbeatable

Our offshore dedicated resources with many years of hands on experience and also effective project management are committed to reduce clients delivery cost and seamless project implementation. 

Behpardaz Jahan: Our Company

Our solutions are impressive

Brilliant ideas, cutting edge solutions, superb services and  utilizing latest technologies enables us to be a top solution provider among our competitors.  our solutions are quality assured  and they are highly Secure & reliable,. 

Why us?
BPJSOFT Company key benfits:

Innovative and secure solutions & services

Cutting edge, Innovative , Robust & Reliable solutions. Extensive experience in the field. Our solutions are powered by latest technologies and can transform your operation performance.

Dedicated & professional team

Our team are selected from the best industry talents with extensive hands-on experience. Our professional team is dedicated, highly experienced, certified in their field with excellent customer service skills.

Environmentally friendly company

Committed to investing in the communities and and preserving a safe & clean environment

Competitive pricing model

Offshore resources reduces our cost Offering Flexible Payment Terms. time & resource management and expertise reduces our cost.

Extensive maintenance & support services

full range of basic to advanced support and maintenance services. 24/7 support services. • Higher service availability • Clear service level agreements (SLAs) • ensuring customer support reliability

Effective delivery structure

Utilizing industries standards such as CMM, PMI, ISO, Agile PM, defined processes and procedures, defined roles and responsibilities


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