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Sustainability: Committed to investing in the communities and and preserving a safe & clean environment 

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We are an environmental friendly company

Green Energies, Supporting Community – Environmentally friendly.


Our employees are exposed to work environments every day of the year. Company's top priority is personnel safety. Full-time corporate safety director sets the expectations by maintaining a safety-oriented culture at the front-and-center of all daily work processes.


BPJSoft inc. is committed to investing in the communities thru our social responsibility and community engagement initiatives. We are committed to training and educating the next generation. We create opportunities through programs that provide work experience and life skills to youth, and provide on-the-job training.

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Environmental protection and preserving a safe environment have always been core to our business considerations. We have adopted policies and technologies to ensure environmental safety.

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With consumers, investors and employees increasingly interested in companies' social and environmental performance, transparency is becoming a corporate necessity. Hence in line with our Corporate Responsibility Policy on transparency, we are committed to open communication of information.

Sustainability: Our commitment to sustainability does not stop here. We all need to put more resources behind initiatives.

Sustainability: We all play a critical role in building a sustainable future for our next generations.

Commitment to Sustainability

The world is in the midst of a global climate crisis.  Addressing sustainability across all  industries is a worldwide priority.

In order to achieve environmental safety, we all need to be acting in a way to avert the worst-case climate scenarios.

All companies and individuals have a role to play, but bigger companies need to contribute to the cause on a larger scale. this can take many forms.

We all need to be interacting with the planet  in such a way to maintain natural resources and not jeopardize the ability for future generations to meet their needs.


Air, Water, Soil quality

Hazardous waste

Greenhouse gas emissions

Carbon zero

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